Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitten Procrastination

So this is how the mitten turned out. Not bad.

But I'm not sure that the wool is right. It seems too loose. For a mitten the wool should be tight enough (not sure I'm explaining that correctly) so that the air can't get through too easily. Anyway, I decided to take a break from mittens while I contimplated the practicality of this knitting project.
So I moved on to a wrap. I found a pattern for bulky weight yarn and got starte. I was looking for something that I would knit on long circular needles, widthwise. I missread the pattern and ended up with a pattern that runs widthwise but when I change yarn it's lengthwise. So the pattern and the yarn run differently. It may end up looking really weird but I'm loving these 2 different yarns together. I split the yarn up so I'll do three sets of the first yarn on the right and 2 of the one on the left. In this picture it almost looks like the needles are running widthwise but they aren't.
It should be interesting to see how it turns out. But first I have to finish that other mitten and get that parcel in the mail!


Anonymous said...

So many things to say... Your mitts are really nice; never done those cap mitts before. I love the way you embrace the theory that "trying out knitting and screwing up will not make the earth explode". In your case though, you seem to never screw up!! But you always try and I like that in people. Seems like your going with the same theory with the scarf (and I like the yarn combo too). BTW, is your brother a hunter? Just wondering... :)

Grumperina is having a draw for a kit to make thrum mitts out of non-wool yarn. I thought you might want to try your chance?!?


The Gourmet Goddess said...

Thanks for the heads up on the draw. I entered right away and just under the wire!

I get confused when I read ahead in a pattern as I try to visualize the outcome. So I have to just take a deep breath and dive in!

My brother is a big burly manly man. Did the bright orange give it away? Last year I gave him an orange hat and wool socks. I'm sticking with the theme...

Now that football season is over (just one game to go!) I'll be seeing you out at Londun Wul on Sunday. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't attend Sunday afternoons but I will try to make a few exceptions just so I can see you...before the next spinning retreat!!

Manon :)