Sunday, January 13, 2008

I thought I'd better blog so no one would think I was being slack. So before the football games start for the day (GO Indy! And my boys - The COWBOYS!! I've almost got Ollie to say "how 'bout them Cowboys?!" but it mostly just comes out Owwwooo in his doggie language.). And while the guys are doing this....

I thought I should take the opportunity to bring you up to date. I finally finished a pair of cable booties for myself. They are made from Blue Sky Cotton which is really nice but I do need to do a pair in wool. I won't wear them next to my skin so I shouldn't have too much of a reaction and nothing really warms like wool. And nothing is worse than cold tootsies!
Then I started on a pair of heavy socks for my brother who's birthday is Feb 1st. I want to do him a pair of mitts too. This wool is some stuff my mom had in her stash. It's making one heck of a nice sock! Acrylic though... I hope they are still nice and warm.

Only working on socks was boring the bejezuz out of me so I had to cast on a scarf/wrap. I'm inspired by the wool Granny Tan gave me for Christmas. I don't want to work it yet until I come up with the perfect pattern but I am serious in the mood to do wraps. I don't think I'll have enough yarn here for a wrap but it's going to be one funky scarf. The light one colour yarn is from one of those bulk bag you get at Walmart or Zellers. My aunt gave it to me after she used enough out of the bag to make herself a scarf. The other is one of the novelty yarns. It's a fun effect, combining the two. However the bulk yarn is made from "unidentified fibers" and I may be having an allergic reaction to it. This scarf will go in the gift bag for some lucky recipient in the future.


Anonymous said...

Since you were slower than usual to write on your knitting blog (I don't think you were slack, some other people we won't name are slack, but not you) I checked your cooking blog. Wow!! I shall return.

I see you're still keeping busy with very nice knitting... Like the look of the scarf!


The Gourmet Goddess said...

Thanks for the feedback on the cooking blog. No one ever leaves comments but I know people are reading it. It's my first passion but knitting has helped me refocus a bit so I don't end up the size of an elephant!