Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Christmas Gifts! (PC Scarf, Neck Gaiter....)

I completed another potato chip scarf (free pattern from I was going to do 2 different colours of the Paton's Carmen yarn but the colours didn't really go well (steel blue and red...) so I picked up another yarn - Louisa Harding to finish it off. I am thrilled with the result. And to solve my problem of struggling with the Kfb rows, I normally knit English (right-hand) but I knit Continental (left hand) and I was able to knit more loosely. It worked! This knit up quickly.

I started to make a hat for my uncle. The pattern is out of my"Holiday Knits" book and calls for a strip. I'm not sure my uncle would like a strip. But I was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn so I started with a lighter green that I had left over from a pair of cable booties. At some point I abandon the idea of a hat and it ended up being another neck gaiter. I'm actually quite pleased with the result. I have some other green yarn that I'm going to knit into a hat for my uncle. This will be for my other uncle.
I had gotten some sock yarn during a sale at but then realized it all required hand washing. I have a hard time justifying socks that require hand washing. I just don't know anyone who I can be sure would appreciate them. So I decided to think about lacy scarves. I was also stumped as to what to knit my grandmother that she would use and that would impress her. She is an extremely experienced knitter. So I settled on a lacy scarf. I'm going to knit this patter (from
with this yarn. It's a blue green (called rainforest heather in Palette from and will look nice with my grandmother's Navy blue coat.
Off to knit!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!

I finally got this potato chip scarf done. I'm having a hard time getting a good picture of it. But now I know why I have such a struggle with these.... I knit too tight so doing the rows of increases is a real struggle.
But the end result is worth it. I have some more 'novelty' yarn to try potato chip scarves with. I'll let you know how they turn out.
Then I came across this wool at Zellers. It's Bernat, it's soft and it's cheap! Right now I'm knitting up a purse for my aunt but if it doesn't turn out, I'll keep if for myself. This wool will either be too fuzzy for purses or not fuzzy enough for the Fiber Trends clogs I want to make. I can see using it instead of Lopi to knit up a seamless sweater for my brother for his birthday after Christmas!
I also completed a neck gaiter for my Uncle for Christmas. However, it seems to be too wide. I've used this pattern twice before but I thought I was adjusting it for the yarn. I followed it to a tee this time but it seems too wide. Tim and I both tried it on but we aren't particularly big necked. I'm going to see who has the bigger neck size, my uncle or brother and then I'll do another one with less stitches cast on.
Anyway, I'm feeling better about Christmas. I think I'm making my list manageable. Must go knit!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Toddler Poncho

As I mentioned before, I got a brain snap to knit something for Emily Juckes' first birthday about 3 days before her birthday. And she lives far enough away that shipping time is at least a week. But I was committed to getting it done and to her by the end of the month. Well here it is!

The model is George who's been with me for 22 years. He's seen some scary stuff during the university years, been snuggled/drooled on by 4 different dogs and been through the wringer (literally!) so many times we lost count. He actually deserves a poncho of his own! But he'll have to wait, this one already has a recipient.

Note the snaps under the arms so it will stay put when worn. I hope they hold. The yarn, which I used to also sew on the snaps may not hold them but they can easily be removed if needed.

Tim called the front pocket the drool catcher....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Newfoundland and a Birthday

I went to Newfoundland. (this is actually the Halifax airport, where I had a layover for over 2 hours, and I happily knit in public, so there!)I knit. I knit on the way there, I knit while visiting the relatives, I knit so much I got my aunt knitting again. (insert colourful newfie swearing here as my aunt did) She gave me some mightily fine yarn but it's with my mom, as are the vintage knitting books I got from my grandmother's collection. I'll show them once I get them back into my hot little hands.

I knit 2 pairs of cable booties. The blue pair I finished for my grandmother. See below, except I doubled the number of stitches left for Kitchener stitch, making a nice rounded toe. And then I did a pair in 100% Peruvian wool from knit picks (Wool of the Andes) for my great aunt in asparagus... again - no pic but they turned out really nice.

On the day I was leaving I started the heat wave sock. I love this pattern. Interesting enough without being so much of a challenge that you must remain sober... sober is not going to happen when visiting the relatives.

Then I suddenly realized that it was Emily Juckes first birthday on Sept 5th. I didn't knit the original cardigan I gave her when she was born because I didn't knit at the time. So I felt she was due something. Of course I had this brain snap on Sunday, September 2nd.... Nothing like planning ahead! But I found this deadly cute pattern on Lion's website. And I have a nice 75% cotton, 25% acrylic yarn that drapes like a dream - so I'm off to the races. She will have it this month, I'm committed to that! And it offers room for her to grow. She should be able to wear it this fall and next spring.

I also saw some of the most amazing quilts while in Newfoundland. My great aunt Doreen made the most amazing quilt for her son's wedding. Pointsettas done on a beige fabric that showed the same pattern front and back. And my cousin Helen and her daughter have done some amazing work. I think I was too dumbfounded to properly show my appreciation. I am totally mystified by quilting, all that precise scissoring and all. So I have a huge respect for their work. Amazing. I slept under one my cousin had made and it was one of the best sleeps I ever had, I swear. I wish I had pics - I'm such a slacker.