Friday, September 14, 2007

Toddler Poncho

As I mentioned before, I got a brain snap to knit something for Emily Juckes' first birthday about 3 days before her birthday. And she lives far enough away that shipping time is at least a week. But I was committed to getting it done and to her by the end of the month. Well here it is!

The model is George who's been with me for 22 years. He's seen some scary stuff during the university years, been snuggled/drooled on by 4 different dogs and been through the wringer (literally!) so many times we lost count. He actually deserves a poncho of his own! But he'll have to wait, this one already has a recipient.

Note the snaps under the arms so it will stay put when worn. I hope they hold. The yarn, which I used to also sew on the snaps may not hold them but they can easily be removed if needed.

Tim called the front pocket the drool catcher....

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