Sunday, September 23, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!

I finally got this potato chip scarf done. I'm having a hard time getting a good picture of it. But now I know why I have such a struggle with these.... I knit too tight so doing the rows of increases is a real struggle.
But the end result is worth it. I have some more 'novelty' yarn to try potato chip scarves with. I'll let you know how they turn out.
Then I came across this wool at Zellers. It's Bernat, it's soft and it's cheap! Right now I'm knitting up a purse for my aunt but if it doesn't turn out, I'll keep if for myself. This wool will either be too fuzzy for purses or not fuzzy enough for the Fiber Trends clogs I want to make. I can see using it instead of Lopi to knit up a seamless sweater for my brother for his birthday after Christmas!
I also completed a neck gaiter for my Uncle for Christmas. However, it seems to be too wide. I've used this pattern twice before but I thought I was adjusting it for the yarn. I followed it to a tee this time but it seems too wide. Tim and I both tried it on but we aren't particularly big necked. I'm going to see who has the bigger neck size, my uncle or brother and then I'll do another one with less stitches cast on.
Anyway, I'm feeling better about Christmas. I think I'm making my list manageable. Must go knit!

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