Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Christmas Gifts! (PC Scarf, Neck Gaiter....)

I completed another potato chip scarf (free pattern from I was going to do 2 different colours of the Paton's Carmen yarn but the colours didn't really go well (steel blue and red...) so I picked up another yarn - Louisa Harding to finish it off. I am thrilled with the result. And to solve my problem of struggling with the Kfb rows, I normally knit English (right-hand) but I knit Continental (left hand) and I was able to knit more loosely. It worked! This knit up quickly.

I started to make a hat for my uncle. The pattern is out of my"Holiday Knits" book and calls for a strip. I'm not sure my uncle would like a strip. But I was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn so I started with a lighter green that I had left over from a pair of cable booties. At some point I abandon the idea of a hat and it ended up being another neck gaiter. I'm actually quite pleased with the result. I have some other green yarn that I'm going to knit into a hat for my uncle. This will be for my other uncle.
I had gotten some sock yarn during a sale at but then realized it all required hand washing. I have a hard time justifying socks that require hand washing. I just don't know anyone who I can be sure would appreciate them. So I decided to think about lacy scarves. I was also stumped as to what to knit my grandmother that she would use and that would impress her. She is an extremely experienced knitter. So I settled on a lacy scarf. I'm going to knit this patter (from
with this yarn. It's a blue green (called rainforest heather in Palette from and will look nice with my grandmother's Navy blue coat.
Off to knit!


Tanya said...

Love that scarf! And it feels even better than it looks!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it