Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"One who knits" versus "A Knitter" and Travel Projects

I'm about to head to the rock, also known as Newfoundland to visit the family. My grandmother used to be an avid knitter but she doesn't knit anymore because she finds it hard to follow a pattern. Everyone in my family (approximately 40 people) has a personalize hand knit Christmas stocking courtesy of my Nan. Nan always had a proper stash which she just recently gave away. I hope she gave it to someone who really couldn't afford their own stash. I would call my grandmother "A Knitter". But there are lots of people in my family who knit. Yet, they don't seem to understand my new found obsession. I'm looking forward to showing my 5 projects I'm taking with me to my Nan. I'm interested to hear what she has to say when she sees I have 5 projects on the go at once. This is where I think you can separate the "Knitters" from "one who knits". A "Knitter" has the obsessive requirement to cast on everything and anything that tickles their fancy. While "one who knits' tend to do one project at time to completion even if they lose interest and the project waits endlessly to be finished.

There is also a difference in in how "one who knits" approach yarn shopping. "One who knits" tend to buy only the yarn required to knit a set project. They will decide for so and so's upcoming birthday/anniversary/baby/wedding to knit an item. They will find a pattern and buy the correct yarn (where is the challenge in that?!) and cast on. "A Knitter" will buy yarn that calls to them, that they just must have. "A Knitter" will figure out what to do with the yarn later, that's not important. In fact, "A Knitter" will bring home said yarn and cast it on with no real pattern in mind. They just have to see it on the needles!

All this being said, I'm "A Knitter". I have a proper little stash and in the less than 10 months since I started knitting, I've already been on 2 yarn diets (the requirement to NOT buy yarn until some of your stash is used or you come into money or the credit card company stops calling). Mine was imposed due to lack of proper storage space. My closet overflowth. As I mentioned I'm taking 5 projects on vacation with me. I still have 3 here at home that are on the needles.. Oh god, that's sad. Anyway, here's what I'm taking with me.

First I have to finish Nan's cable booties. I finished the first one and the toe is way too pointy. Luckily I have enough yarn to do 2 pairs so I'll knit up 3 more and give Nan the ones that turn out the best. And keep the other ones for myself. There is nothing quite as relaxing as curling up on a chilly evening to watch tv, read or knit with a nice pair of cable booties on. Yum!

Tim thought I should just put a bell on the toe and be done with it...

Next project I'm taking with me is the knitting bag I'm doing for my aunt. I think. See previous posts. I'm debating this one because I'm going to have to adjust the pattern to work for the afghan she's knitting. The bag will need to be wider and not so deep. I need to give this project some thought and vacation time may not be the time for really reworking a design. I'll either take it or the wool socks for my sister in law, also see previous posts. Both of these projects are done with Briggs and Little wool so I like to work on one of them while I have lots of cotton projects on the go since the cotton projects give my allergies a rest so it's a nice balance.

Next I'm taking some wool to make my great aunt a pair of cable booties to give to her while I'm there. I can't decide which colour though. I may consult my mother before I pack up the yarn.

Next I'm taking some wonderful Blue Sky Cotton to knit gloves. These will be for me in the vibrant pink but I want to see how they turn out because I would like to do a pair for my Nan for Christmas.

Next I'm taking some cotton wool blend (from Knitpicks) sock yarn to make Granny Tan's Heat Wave Socks. I'm psyched to do these. They'll be for my niece or my friends daughter for Christmas.

Lastly I'm taking some wool to do a neck gaiter. This project is fun, easy and quick.

Actually now that I think about it, I should take mostly easy projects that I can do while chatting with the kin over a cup of tea. Yes, I have the good tea and the good coffee all set to go! What's a vacation without a good cup of tea or coffee?!

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