Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Yarn Harlot, Birthday Books and Yarn

Tuesday night I got to see the Yarn Harlot. I hadn't really read a lot of her blog, I had stopped by once or twice but that was it. I didn't own any of her books. But Granny Tan has been a fan for some time and spoke quite highly of her. Now we all know how Granny Tan gets me sucked into things (or so I like to say...). So when she mentioned the Yarn Harlot was going to be in Mecca (aka Halifax) I didn't need any other excuse to pile the furry beasts in the car and head east.

It was so worth it! I have since added her books to my Chapters wish list. I can't wait to read the first one. Tan offered to lend it to me but I think I want my own copy and since I have a couple of knitting projects that must be done now it's not as if I have a lot of reading time on my hands. I'm still trying to finish the second sock for my mother's husband's birthday... which was 2 days ago. He saw and tried on the first sock. Luckily it's been way too hot to need socks lately.

The pattern is Twisted Socks by Bev Warner for KnitPicks and the yarn is KnitPicks Memories in Cape Cod. I'm almost to the toe of the second sock.

While in Halifax we visited the Tangled Skein and I stocked up on some cotton yarn. I'm going to make a pair of cabled booties to take to my grandmother later this month and the pink it to try making gloves for myself. I want to try making them for myself before I try making a pair for my grandmother plus I can check what colour would be best when I visit her later this month and review her coats. This is Blue Sky Organic Cotton and it is amazing.
I had also bought some briggs and little 100% wool to make a felted bag for my aunt for Christmas but Tan is currently balling up the skeins for me. I got 2 shades of blue which are quite nice.

I felted up this purse for my mom for Christmas last year but it is too wide. So I'm going to cot away about 3 inches, reattach the strap and add a second toggle which may just be for show, i may put a zipper in it. I will probably put it through one aggitation cycle in the washer just to felt up the new seam and strap attachment spot. I am also in the process of knitting her a new purse, same colours but different shape. We'll see how it all turns out. I may take one of the purses home to my aunt when I go to Newfoundland to see my grandmother later this month.

Lastly, I got some new knitting books in the mail today from my mother for my birthday. I got the Mason Dixon knitting book, Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann and No Sheep for You but Amy R. Singer. I had looked through Tan's copy of the No Sheep book. It's an excellent resource for those who have any interest in non- wool or blends. The patterns are a bit beyond me at this point but eventually I'll be up for the challenge. Knitting without Tears has the seamless ski sweater which I am dying to make but I think I'll have to wait until after Christmas.... My birthday isn't until tomorrow (mom also sent me 2 cookbooks!) so I'm not allowed to dive into any of these books until then. Ooooo the temptation!

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