Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday Bits!

Granny Tan and I met for lunch at this delightful spot called Maelstrom here in Moncton. It was super yummy. Now I must let my stomach rest before dinner with Tim. Tomorrow, nothing but veggies, I swear!

Tan had already told me she had her heat wave sock pattern for me for my birthday which was excellent since I have some sock yarn just screaming for that pattern. But I didn't expect this!

I had been keeping my eyes out for a sock bag but you can't find them anywhere. Today I found out Line is making them. She has done a beautiful job! I was soo excited to get my very own. Thanks Line!

And I had also been looking for the dpn holders like Tan has. Well she ordered some for me off of Etsy. You can't really see but on the blue bead in the centre is a little dog. It's very cute. And the most practical thing for sock knitters!

And now I have some official K2Tog stitch markers. I was using dollar store ones so these are much nicer. And Tan added in a ball of sock yarn cause you can never have too much sock yarn!

She officially rocks. But not to worry, I already have an awesome plan for her birthday.....You'll have to wait though, it's not until October....

Tan also brought me some balls of briggs and little she balled up for me. I had mentioned it in my last post. Nice colours, eh?

I'm going to make another one of these bags for my aunt. They make great knitting bags.


Tanya said...

You are so welcome! I'm glad you liked the gifts. It's great to give items to someone when you know they will use them. And I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

I am happy you liked the sock bag. It was great fun making it knowing it was going to you!

I really love the color of the briggs and little yarn Tan balled for you. I can't wait to see the pictures of the resulting project.