Sunday, June 15, 2008

Needle felting vs. machine felting

Oops, that's Ollie. Big nose, eh? And he likes to sniff you all over.. It's bit like being violated. But I digress.

I started needle felting over the machine felted outline for the Celtic Tote. The needle felting is so nice. It's a lot of effort but so worth it. The outside and the bottom of this cable is done. See the difference?
I'm also working on a shrug for myself. I figure it will be nice to have for the fall (yes, it was suppose to be for spring...) The pattern came from my Nan and the yarn came from my Nana so it will be a nice sentimental piece once I finish it.

I'm also working on the lace ribbon scarf from Knitty but I'm using a heavier weight yarn, blue sky alpacas alpaca and silk yarn. The green was beautiful on the ball but when I started knitting this it looked like something for a baby. I think it will be okay once I get it finished and blocked. Hopefully in time for summer wearing....

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