Monday, July 21, 2008

Where has all the productive knitting gone...

I haven't been knitting much because I've been moving! I had gotten a job in Halifax almost 2 months ago and had been looking for a place to live that was close to work, good for the dogs and a wise investment. Luckily I found a place that fits the bill! It's in beautiful Eastern Passage which isn't nearly has far out as I thought it was. It is considered one of the last growth areas in the Urban HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality). So I bought it! Which was way easier than I thought. It's a great investment. Did I mention that already? And one block from the ocean. I have an ocean view!

The position I took is a one year term contract with small Internet marketing and design company that also has it's own proprietary Content Management Software (CMS). I'm their production coordinator as they look to grow. It's an exciting opportunity to support a growing company.

I work right downtown which was a concern at first, the commuting is a bit different than Moncton.... But now I drive a quick drive to the ferry, read while I cross the harbour (finally get to read the 20+ books I have sitting on my shelf) and then walk 3 blocks to work. All very urban. Reminds me of Stockholm where I always took the public transportation to go see the clients and were I was always surrounded by water. (Stockholm is in the Swedish archipelago.)

With my folks moving this past winter and downsizing (instead of being right in Halifax they are now 30 minutes outside of the city, hence another reason for needing a place of my own in town) and my Nana and Grampie both passing away, I had a lot of stuff so having another place to stuff with stuff has worked out well!

Can you see the houses across the harbour? That's Herring Cove on the other side of the mouth of the harbour. The lights are beautiful at night...

It's nice and cool with the ocean breeze for the dogs. As you can see, Emily loves the deck. She's a deck bunny like her momma.
A lot of DIY stuff in the house though. The ceramic tiles weren't laid correctly, the grout is now crumbling. And the plumbing, don't let me get started on the plumbing. Tim went through the house and was complaining about the workmanship. He finally turned to me and said "do you know who I feel like?". I said "yes, Mike Holmes". He's my hero, he's on my screensaver at the moment... Tim tackled quite a bit but I did have to get the plumber in to reseat the downstairs toilet. The floor underneath is not level. Anyway, it's fixed now. No one should DIY if they don't know how! But overall, the house is in great shape. I'd post pics of the inside but the place is still a mess.
Lets talk knitting, shall we. I did buy some yarn lately. Well Tangled Skein is just a couple of blocks away from my lawyers office and after parting with all that money, I deserved a treat for me!! I got this beautiful laceweight. The colour isn't showing up well in this pic because I took it with my phone. it's an alpaca silk blend.

I also got some soy silk. I think I'm going to make a Montego Bay scarf for myself.

Granny Tan and I have a weekend getaway planned at a lakeside cottage for 4 nights with my 2 dogs and her Clancy. Should be a blast! We are working on the menu now! And I have my list of knitting projects all ready to go. We don't leave until August 9th but stay tuned. There should be some productive knitting that weekend! (and perhaps, just perhaps some productive cocktail making...)

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