Thursday, May 8, 2008

Felted Celtic Tote

So I finished the celtic tote from interweave winter 2007. I figured the felting process would take care of the way the outlined backstitch showed.

It did not.
And the felting process lost the cable definition on the handle. In all fairness, I did felt a second time in hopes of losing the definition of the backstitching around the celtic knots cabling.
So they say you can fix it up with needling felting. But do I have felting needles?! of course not! I have every other knitting accessory on the planet but no felting needles. I'm going to borrow some from Granny Tan and see if I can't fix this up. I hope so because I really like the shape of the bag and I want to finally give it to my mom when I see her on Mother's day.

I am still working on Mom's other sock but I also cast on a Montego Bay Scarf for the artyarn supermerino Granny Tan brought back for me from Florida. The colours were so springlike that I just couldn't resist. It's coming along nicely but I had to frog it 3 times until I got the right width to make it long enough with the one skein I had. I'm using size 8mm needles with bulkier yarn than the pattern called for but it's turning out nicely once I got it figured out.

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Anonymous said...

I think the bag is really nice, it's just unfortunate that the cable strap got lost. I hope your mother likes it.

How's the paying job search going?