Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Felted Slipper Socks

Well I tried to make some warm wool slipper socks for my Grandmother for her birthday. During the first slipper sock I realized that the yarn I was using was significantly different from the yarn. Would I have serious shrinkage when I went to felt? The finished knitted sock was not that big. If it shrunk a lot....

Well I ended up with a pair of bullets. So I stretched them out as best I could and left them to dry overnight.

Today I am wearing them to stretch them out. My grandmother's feet are smaller than mine but much wider. After just an hour I can say that they are comfortably stretched to fit my feet. (this was when I first put them on, they are super snug and quite short)
I'm going to wear them a bit more today and then try and stretch them out sideways. But overall, they will fit my grandmother, she just might have to wear them for a couple of hours before they become that wonderful felted perfect fit!

April birthday gift number 2 - done!

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Tanya said...

Try wearing them wet. Won't be comfortable or cozy but should help stretch them out.