Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday Screw Up

Last night Granny Tan came over for a little wine and knitting (see other blog for snack fiasco details) . Upon further discussion and a try on, it was concluded that the felted slipper socks were too narrow for my grandmother. @*#$#%^
I am casting on another pair in the larger size although I will make them the same length as these. I will not do the colour work in the center as this doubles the yarn and makes it felt tighter right were my grandmother needs it wider (bunions from hell). I will knit these top priority so I can get them in the mail and to her by the 11th. So much for being on schedule....

Then we discussed the tilted cable socks. I tried it on. A little tight going on because of the cabling but the ankle was comfy once I got it on. Then I realized that the cabling on top of the foot might be uncomfortable in a shoe. The yarn is a bit heavy for a sock yarn, although it is a fingering weight yarn. So I've decided to frog these back to the ankle on the front and just do it plain for the foot. It will also be quicker since I'm already up to my eye balls in chart work with the celtic knots bag.

Then I realized that it would have been really nice for my mom to have had the celtic knots tote to take with her next week when she goes to Newfoundland to visit my grandmother. Okay, no way will I have that done in time but now I'm feeling really inadequate. The bubble has burst on the knitters delusion

Must go knit.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same "cable issue" with the sock I'm making right now but I happened to read the Panopticon blog (I knit very slow so I have time to change my mind) and he had made a very clever change from cable to rib on a sweater (/; check end of entry of March 5). since lots of socks are ribbed all the way, I thought it would be comfortable.