Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 dogs, a purse and birthdays galore!

Ollie's sad...

Clancy went home yesterday. His wrestling buddy is gone... We must have a play date soon. And I could seriously use some time with Granny Tan too! Where does the time go?!

Well I've been working on the brown purse. My hands are just a mess. There doesn't seem to be enough cream in the world to keep them from cracking and getting raw. Funny how lanolin is suppose to make your skin soft yet when your allergic to it it makes it dry and cracked. Okay, it's not that funny... I hope I have enough of the brown to finish the purse without having to buy more.

But then I realized that my mother and my grandmother have birthday's next month (oh crap, I just realized that my niece and nephew also have birthday's next month, in fact my nephew's birthday is the same day as my mom's!). So I cast on a pair of socks for my mom. I was thinking about doing the Fleece Artist garter stitch cardigans for both mom and Nan but quickly dropped that idea for my grandmother since that would involve hand washing and that just was not a good idea for Nan. Then the reality of my finances kicked in... So I'm doing socks for Mom and I'd really like to do her a felted hat to match the potato chip scarf I did for her for Christmas. I'd also like to do the messenger bag Granny Tan did from Interweave Holiday Gifts (but in a different colour scheme) or the Celtic Tote from Interweave Winter. I think I'm going to do Nan a pair of some type of felted slipper or bootie. She is always cold. Nan has a serious allergy to synthetics. I get dry and crack with certain fibers, she gets a type of chemical burn like reaction. It's really bad. So I have to watch what I use. I wanted to do a shawl for her but we'll see.

Anyway I cast on these socks called Tilted Cables from Interweave Winter. I love this pattern. I am a cable junkie anyway and these totally satisfy my cable cravings. My mom already commented that she thought the yarn was pretty. She will totally love these. It's Knitpicks Memories in Prairie something or another - it doesn't matter really because it's a discontinued. I've had it in my stash for quite a while.

I've really got to get moving on the April birthday knitting!

An update on the memorial socks. I cast on the second sock and am currently working on it before bedtime. I don't see it getting finished before April but I'll work a little on it here and there... Once again knitting for myself gets pushed to the back burner....

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Tanya said...

Clancy was very sad yesterday and I think he missed all you guys more than he missed us. He's a lonely bored puppy now.

Great pattern choices. Chrissy makes great sock patterns, you will enjoy the tilted cable pattern.