Monday, March 10, 2008

Broken #@*&# Needle...

You will not believe this. I was knitting away last night on my mom's birthday sock, the Tilted Cable Sock. It was coming along nicely. I was determined to make it to the heel flap last night.
Suddenly I notice a thin metal stick in my lap. I recognized it immediately as the inside from one of my plastic dnp. The tip had broken off my plastic dpn and then inner metal stick had fallen out. So I tried to burn and reform the end of the needle.

Yeah, that didn't work. So I had to stop working on the sock (luckily I have the second memorial sock on the needles) and now I have to go buy another set of 2.25mm dnps. #(@*&$#@(&#

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ohhh that's not good. When knitters lead the world, there will be sock needles in every corner stores!

Nice socks though...