Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clancy, a ball winder and a swiff.

Okay I meant to blog yesterday but the day totally got away from me. Mostly because of this fellaCute, isn't he. This is Granny Tan's boy Clancy. And he came over to spend 10 days with his big black cousins (that's what his dad told him) while his parents frolic in Florida. He's just a little mite next to my two beasts. But he fits in perfectly. They all get along really well but I do have to watch them in the yard because sometimes all 3 of them decide to play together and I always worry that poor little Clancy will get squished between the two big bouvs.

Actually I'm waiting for the neighbors to call the SPCA for our allowing a live squeaky toy into the yard for the bouvs to play with... He and Ollie really pound the bejezuz out of each other. I think he's crazy to take on a dog 4 times his size but Clancy's a tough one!

Yes, this is my free entertainment for the next 10 days...

What I wanted to share yesterday was that the Martha Stewart show yesterday (Monday, Feb 25)was about knitting and she had an audience full of knitters, knitting away through the whole show. It was great! I never really sit and watch the show, I tend to just have it on in the background so I can't really say if it was a good show or not. But still, that was some serious exposure for knitting. Okay, she was knitting a scarf for her French Bulldog... like the dog wants to wear a scarf.. but anyway, it was good exposure.

I finally got out to London Wul for some wool to make some felted clogs and 2 felted purses that I've been commissioned to do. I had a hard time finding the Briggs and Little yarn I like to use for both. The clogs are for a man and are light and dark grey. ( I have one almost done since I took this pic - man they knit up fast!)

I spent almost an hour trying to pick out the right shade of green for one of the purses. I don't think I got the right shade but it's a nice shade just the same. One purse will be green with cream strips and the other will be brown with cream strips.
After balling the first 2 balls by hand I called Granny Tan to see if I could have temporary custody of her ball winder and swiff while she is in Florida. If anyone who is reading this is close to me - these items make great gifts... hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Clancy is finally beat out! Okay, better go sneak in some knitting time.


Anonymous said...

Three dogs... o.m.g.

Does this mean you have to blog every day so that Granny Tan gets to see a picture of Clancy while she's away?

Nice yarn colour. Hope you enjoy the yarn sale, I just couldn't make it (to my husband's relief).


The Gourmet Goddess said...

Who's got time to blog everyday when there are 3 dogs to snuggle with. Speaking of which, Clancy is the smallest dog here yet he managed to squish me right out of bed last night!

Tanya said...

Glad to see they are having so much fun and you are too :)

I love the picture of the three on the bed.