Thursday, November 8, 2007

Manon says "BLOG!" so I blog

No, I'm not giving into pressure to blog... I just haven't been getting much blog worthy stuff done lately. One sock of this, one sock of that...

The one on the left is the heat wave pattern in knitpicks Dancing yarn (it's discontinued). It's big on me because it's for my friend's daughter who has a size 10 foot. The one on the right is the wool sock pattern from Briggs and Little in their yarn for my sister in law. She's been wearing the ones I made for my brother so I thought I should make her a pair of her own. These are both for Christmas... now I just have to get the other matching socks done...

The thing I'm most please about (and the real reason for blogging!)is the lacy scarf I finished for my grandmother. She was an experienced knitter and she now finds she can no longer knit. She just can't concentrate. Whenever I think I'm not in the mood to knit I remind myself that there may come a time when I can't knit so I'd better enjoy every moment right now! My uncle says my Nan would be sitting on the couch, head falling back asleep and those needles would still be going. Now that's commitment! I know she will appreciate this scarf.

There is a mistake in there but you can't find it... I can though. It was a row I redid about 5 times so I'm just going to say it adds to the charm and proves it's homemade. (It's not in this picture so don't spend hours playing "where's the screw up")

I've completed one full cable bootie and started on the second. I love knitting these and they are great to take on the go. I'm heading to the US for American Thanksgiving and will have lots of airport time so I'll get these finished then and probably do another pair. These are for my friend with the big footed daughter from above. What are they feeding these kids anyway?!

Funny how knitters appreciate waiting time so we can turn it into knitting time. I'm was backed up on pod casts (football season means watching football and knitting all weekend versus listening to pod casts and knitting on the weekends) so I'm good for some serious time in airports. It's the holiday weekend and things tend to get backed up but I'm ready!

I've been trying to whip off a few quick Christmas gifts that will have to be sent away. I finished this hat for my uncle.

This scarf for his granddaughter. Orange is her favorite colour.
This scarf for his other granddaughter. Her favorite colour is yellow.

I'd like to mention that this month is my knitting anniversary. I starting knitting last November! It's been a whole year. Man, have I learned a lot! And there is still so much to do!

Side note... I don't remember when I quit smoking and I smoked for over 17 years. But I do remember when I first started knitting. Says a lot, don't you think?


Tanya said...

Manon is quite a force to reckon with. Best to just listen to her ;)

I see why you haven't been blogging, you've been knitting. That is a ton of stuff to show! A lace scarf, plus all those others, WOW!

Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

Wow, you really are trying to outdo Tanya in terms of output per hour ;-) You really have been busy.

I love the lace scarf. What pattern is this? I love the look of leaves in the pattern.

The Gourmet Goddess said...

The scarf is "branching out" from It's a pretty easy knit with just a simple 10 row repeat but the results are quite impressive.