Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knitting Bag (and another pair of felted clogs)

I finished a couple more projects for my Christmas List. This is a bag for my aunt. It's a knitting bag for her to put her afghan project in. It won't fit a whole afghan but it's still a good size. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Must make myself one some day... I never make myself stuff. The pattern is a modified version of the marsupial tote from Stitch'N bitch The Knitter's Handbook. And the yarn is Briggs and Little. I stuffed the bag more after I took this pic to try and address the rolling around the top. It seems to help.

I also finished another pair of felted clogs. I know they look like the last pair I did but they are a size smaller and the dark blue trim is a different dark blue then the other pair. I swear!

Off to knit!


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd have to say this to someone but here it is: "relax man, there is still like 40 days before X'mas. Don't knit up all your projects in one week!"

To help you slow down, would you like to learn to weave?

Manon :)

The Gourmet Goddess said...

no more hobbies for me.... I"m a woman with a goal! Must stay focused.... Must felt clogs. Must felt clogs. Know the really sad part?! There will be a pair of store bought slippers under the tree for me. How sad is that?!

Anonymous said...

How pathetic indeed... I guess it's still a better alternative than phentex slippers?!?


The Gourmet Goddess said...

ooo, phentex slippers. My feet feel dry and cracked just thinking about them. I'm going to save all my scrap wool and make myself a pair after Christmas. They will be the felted clogs of many colours. ;)

Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

I love the bag... And the clogs too. Don't let Manon make you lose your focus! She is just jealous because she is probably far behind on her Christmas knitting ;-)