Thursday, November 8, 2007


Wheeeee! I have a new favorite project. The Fiber Trends Felted Clog Slippers. What a fun and satisfying project. Quick to knit, but not mindless. It's like turning a huge heel and I love turning the heel. I'm so glad I like knitting them because I have all that wool from the spinning retreat and I planned on making them for my brother and his family and my mom and her husband... that's 12 clogs! So it's a darn good thing I like knitting them! These are the pre-felted version of my brother's size 11 man's. My foot next to them is a size 8 ladies.

The only problem I had with these is that I used the contrasting colour on the outer sole only because I was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn. I was right. I ended up only doing the inner part of the outer sole in the dark blue. The yarn was seconds so each hank was not equal in size. I think it turned out okay though. Pre-felted...

And post-felting.

These are just too cool!

Really the biggest problem is that I'm allergic to wool. My hands are all dried up and I've got some of the worse hang nails ever. I'm trying to keep them washed often and I do have a good hand cream to apply when I'm going to knit. The best one I have found is the Neutrogenia Norwegian Formula. It's lanolin free which is the oil in wool that is often the cause of the irritation and it's very emollient. I just have to remember to keep it with my knitting!

How's that?! Two posts in one day! (I thought the clogs deserved there own post)


Tanya said...

I love these! What wool did you use? Is it the stuff from MacAusland's? It seemed to felt up well. Does it take a lot of cycles?

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless... I mean since the retreat I might (just might), have completed one sock.

I love all your FO but the clogs, oh are they ever nice. I think I would like to knit them too.

Now to Line's blog...mwahwahwahhhh


The Gourmet Goddess said...

The clogs are made with the MacAusland's wool. Even with pre-washing the wool before knitting, I still had to run it through my heavy duty wash cycle 5 times. I'm going to felt similar colour items together to save on hot water but I wanted to do the first pair before I knit any more to be sure the sizing was accurate. It is.

Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

I bought some Lopi at London Wul's Harvest Sale in October that are waiting to be knit into clogs... Since they are for me, they will have to wait till after Christmas, but I am really looking forward to getting them started. Especially since everyone says they are a really fun knit.