Sunday, February 4, 2007

Socks - Done! Now on to Hats!

My brother's gift is finally ready to hit the mail. I found I quite enough the grafting/weaving of the toe when doing socks. I think it's my favourite part.. and not just because it means I am done. Speaking of done - I think I'm done doing socks for a while. I just didn't enjoy it. I say this now but when I'm in a yarn store and see all the great sock yarn, especially the self-patterning stuff.... well, I guess we'll see.

Now I'm finally going to start the hat for Tim. It has to be Scandinavian looking. And it must have the ear flaps. I spent a lot of time searching for a pattern that looked Scandinavian and that I could understand being a newbie and all... I'm making the hat out of the Icelandic wool I had bought for Tim for Christmas. I was going to try and combine a couple of different patterns but Tim would like the hat for this winter. And since this is only the second hat I've ever done I decided on this pattern which actually calls for the Lopi wool that I had given him.
I'm going to do the one on the left for him. I read through the pattern last night and it almost made sense! So I'm reasonably optimistic that this won't take too long.
Although today is Super Bowl Sunday and I'll be cheering on my beloved Peyton and the boys. So I'll probably work on something simple during the game like some wash clothes. I don't like to keep multiple projects on the go. I don't know why. I think part of what keeps me knitting is the sense of accomplishment. I think this is what made the socks seem so tedious. 2 weeks and all I got done was 1 pair of socks! After 2 weeks I should have something bigger done, like a wrap or shawl. I do have a scarf on the go but I started that before I had any other projects on my list. Now I have a long list of projects to be done. This is my own design.
The other end will also have the basket weave knit and then I think I will sew black buttons on some of the squares on each end for a decorative touch. Whimsical!


Tanya said...

That hat is going to be awesome! And speaking of awesome, great job on completely the socks! Btw, making socks with any other type of yarn other than thick heavy yarn like B&L is more enjoyable. It's a better experience in my opinion. Mind you I just finished a pair of heavy socks, just like yours but way less orange, so I do still make them from time to time. Don't give up completely on the sock knitting, but a break would probably due you good!

KnittenKnots said...

Great job on the socks - what a nice gift! And I love that hat - can't wait to see it knit up - be warned though - colorwork is addictive! :-)