Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Scandanavian Hat?

So I started the hat. I followed the pattern and did the ear flaps first. They were way too small. So I re-did them double what the pattern asked for. It's been so cold that all I could think of was how it would be necessary to have a hat that gives good ear coverage. They may be a little big now but Tim has a big head.

The pattern called for 3 different colours. But since I was using a stripped yarn, I only used 2 colours. I'm happy with how the colour pattern is turning out but it may be too girly. If so they I'll make another one for Tim with the dark grey and white wool and keep this one for myself. I love how lopi knits up! But it may be too big for me. I had to accomidate for the larger ear flaps in the pattern. I suspect that had I followed the pattern that it would have been too small for Tim. I added 12 stitches around. It was in keeping with the colour chart and allowed for the larger ear flaps. If I do have to do another one for Tim, I may try to re work the colour chart to make Dala Horses (Swedish horse figure). So much for sticking strictly to the pattern...

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