Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Second Scandanavian Hat

Here is my second attempt at a lopi hat. I'm pretty pleased with it. I designed the colour pattern myself. The inspiration was Sweden's national symbol, the Dala Horse. Tim says they look like Bouviers (our dogs) but I say they look like horses.

And this time I blocked the hat. It was really curling up around the edges. And low and behold - it looks like the picture in the pattern!

On to my next project. I'm dying to do cables. In my Stitch and Bitch Nation Book they have a project for "mini' cables. You don't need to use a cable stitch holder. It's a great intro to cables. You can get used to the concept pretty quickly. This yarn doesn't show the cable really well but I like the overall effect. I'm making a scarf. Pretty basic but I do like how this pattern is working with this wool

The colour is off in both of these pictures. It's a nice sage green.

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Tanya said...

Terrific hats! You are truly amazing doing color work already. I don't think we can call you beginner any longer. You are on your way to Advanced knitter at lightning speed.