Friday, January 12, 2007

Felted Lopi Slippers

After spending the Christmas rush making scarves, a couple of felted purses and those cotton dishclothes, I thought it was time to try something a little more challenging. Granny Tan makes socks all the time and was confident I could handle 4 needles. I had purchased some Icelandic Lopi wool to make something for Tim, my better half. He has actually been to Iceland and I thought he would appreciate my creating something out of wool from there. Only problem was that I didn't have time before Christmas. I ended up with enough Lopi to do at least 2 pairs of felted slippers and a hat. Here's the first pair of felted slippers. I love them. I love how the Lopi felts!

In my last post I spoke of felted purses I had completed before Christmas. They felted totally differently. It's really interesting to see the varying impact felting has on different wools. Jeez this is fun!

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