Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bright Orange Socks

I started these socks for my brother for his birthday coming up on Feb 1st. He goes ice fishing every winter so I thought these would be nice and warm and toasty. However, after spending 4 hours getting the yarn from a hank to a ball and drinking 2 bottles of Merlot (with Tim, not alone) I shouldn't have started knitting that night. You may be able to notice the 2 rows at the top where the yarn is carried over.... Okay so don't start something new after 2 bottles of Merlot. And if you look a little further down the sock you will see what looks like a hole, it's not but one shouldn't be knitting and watching a really good football game at the same time (hey, it's the playoffs!). Especially when one must pay attention each time I had to start a new needle with a purl. I wasn't getting the right tension. It's okay I got it all figured out. But unravelling with 4 needles?! Yikes, I wasn't about to attempt that. So the socks will go with this little endearing flaws... And an explaination that I hope my brother finds amusing.

I realized, after consultation with Granny Tan, that I had not turned the heel on my first sock correctly. It was okay because they were the felted slipper socks (must make more of those, they are lovely). But this time I needed to get them right. As you can see, I have properly turned my first heel. It's a bit of a let down though because I had gotten excited when I thought I had done it before while knitting the slipper socks. Oh well.

Like the bright orange? I'm planning to also knit my brother a hat to go with the socks for his gift. I have the same bright orange and some nice dark green to make his hat. And Granny Tan graciously took my second hank of the orange wool and made it into a ball on her ball making contraption. Thanks Tan!


Tanya said...

Congrats on your first successful heel of I'm sure many to come!

The camera doesn't due that orange yarn justice... It is soooo much brighter than it appears.

The Gourmet Goddess said...

It's not that bad! Hunter orange. At least my brother's feet won't get shot at in the woods....