Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wrist Warmers

This weekend I'm heading out to Nocturne at Night, which is an art exhibition spread all over the city of Halifax. Last year I missed the event so I'm really looking forward to hanging with some friends, seeing some art and maybe having a drink or two. Since the event is all over the city there will be a lot of outdoor time. It's getting pretty chilly here with the forecast for Sat. night Clear and +4 (that's about 40 degrees F). So I needed knitwear! Something with a little pizazz for a night out. I was planning on doing some wrist warmers for my step-sister in law to match a cowl I did for her last Christmas. I got one done and was going to do a set for myself but it didn't go as well with my coat.

Nice though, eh? Moonlight Mohair. Cast on 31 stitches, knit for 8 inches and sewed up with a 1 inch opening for the thumb

So I used some different yarn to do another pair for myself. I used moonlight mohair and paton's bling, bling (discontinued). It goes with my coat and I'm working on a cowl/neck gaiter to match. I'll get a pic with my coat when I'm done.


Anonymous said...


Hope to see you at the retreat.


Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

Love the wristwarmers you made for yourself.

Can't wait to see you at the retreat.


Tanya said...

These are awesome and what a great (quick) christmas knit too.

How was Nocture at Night?

The Gourmet Goddess said...

Nocturne at Night was awesome. More wine than art but that was to be expected with the crowd I was with! I thought I had lost one of the wrist warmers but I had just dropped it when getting out of the cab. Whew!