Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby and Kid Knitting for friends.

I have been knitting and as per usual I have forgotten to blog about it. Well here are a few items I sent off recently for a friend who had a little boy over 6 months ago.  I like to wait and sent something later since the new baby usually gets lots of newborn and baby stuff so I knit something for the 6-12 month range.. 

First of all these friends have a daughter and I never send something for the new baby without sending something for the child who's now a big sister (or brother).  Can't leave them out!!  Mom did this set.  I hope it's not too big for a toddler...
 I did this set for the baby boy.  A vest and matching Monster Chunk.
 Monster Chunk??  you ask, yup, Monster Chunk.  I think it's cute!

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Anne H said...

WOW! They are so cute!