Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think it's safe to post this today. I finished a pair of cottage socks for both my mom and her husband. The pattern is a freebie on Lion Brand's website. I did use a smaller needles size for mom's. I had made a pair for myself using the needles the pattern called for but they are a bit loose. I really like how mom's turned out.
I did the "New Cottage Socks" pattern for Dennis. I just felt they were a little more masculine.
I put a little puffy paint on the bottom of mom's

And Dennis'

The colour is Cranberry. It's a beautiful shade of red. Happy Valentine's day!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for telling the colour...on my computer they are bright fushia and although the man's pattern is masculine, I had my doubt about the colour :)