Saturday, September 5, 2009

Memorial Socks

They are finally done! And it only took about 2 years.... These were the socks I was working on when my Nana was in the hospital, around the time of her funeral, when I went to Sweden to say goodbye to Harry and when Grampie passed away. This is why they are called my memorial socks. The yarn is 50% cashmere/silk and 50% alpaca from Belfast Mini-Mills. It's gorgeous. The pattern is from an old Paton's book that both my grandmother and my nana had copies of. Now I'm too afraid to wear them because I don't want to wear a hole in them! And since it took so long to knit them both, one is slightly smaller than the other which happens to me when I take so long to get the second sock done (yes, this has happened before...)

I miss you Nana.


Tanya said...

They are gorgeous! Your Nana would be proud :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed.