Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other Projects

I have been working on one knitting project which I still can't share. However I've done a few other things. Mom and I belong to a Christmas Ornament of the month club. The first month was painting.

Oh wait, those were some leftover ornaments from an older kit. We did them first. We still have 3 to do from this years club but they look quite challenging and the instructions are pretty scarce. We'll get to them later...

The 2nd kit involves ornament balls that you stick sequins and glittery bits into with pins. Mom may tackle those this weekend. The 3rd kit is a set of 5 cross stitch on plastic canvas oranaments. I did the first one and just need to trim the felt on the back and it will be done. It was quite fun.

Mom and I are eagerly the 4th kit which should be here any day. We're quite enjoying our craft time!

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