Thursday, January 29, 2009

A scarf and a purse

I hit a great sale after Christmas of Patons SWS yarn. It inspired me to attempt the stripped scarf spoken of so highly by the yarn harlot. It really is fun to watch the colours come together. Two different balls of stripped yarn, 2 rows each, 1X1 rib.... who would have thought! See, you don't have to use the very expensive Noro yarn, you have options!
I'm heading to Quebec next weekend for Carnival so I thought I'd knit something for the occasion. Granny Tan had given me this yarn that she had dyed and spun with some silver. It was probably enough for hat and mitts but since it's wool and I'm allgeric, I opted for a felted bag.
I'm thrilled with how it turned out. Perfect for strolling around inside the old city walls in Quebec City! I can't wait. See the silver flecks, that was the silver thread Granny Tan had plied with the wool. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

verrrry nice knitting!

Have fun at the carnival, don't miss the night parade, ice sculptures, ice castle...


Tanya said...

Love the purse! it's so you!

Have fun at the carnival.. wish I could be there too!